Pediatric dosing
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Warning! This site it targeted at medical professionals and medical students only. No claims are made of the accuracy of this calculator. Always confirm the results of this calculator before use. Never use the results of this calculator alone as a guide to patient care, always trust your clinical judgement. The authors of this calculator shall not be liable for damages resulting from use of this calculator.

This calculator calculates the drug dose in cc (ml), based on patient weight, recommended daily dose per unit of weight, dosing frequency, and the concentration of the liquid drug. The use of this calculator is not limited to pediatrics. The calculator automatically converts between lb and kg, if necessary. In the 'precision' box, choose the precision by which you can measure the amount of liquid adminstrered. In general, less precision means you will be under- or overdosing by a higher percentage, always consider whether this is acceptable or not. Check if the amount of liquid administered is acceptable for the child's age and weight. Always check if the results of this calculator match the drug-dosing guidelines in your clinic.